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Northwest Reindeer Hire is based in Manchester England and born out of a passion to share these wonderful animals with the public.

Our Background.

 Family run with a brand new facility.


Northwest Reindeer Hire is based in  Manchester England and born out of a passion to share these wonderful animals with the public. Each and every one of our reindeer are not only truly loved and cared for to the highest standards, but also stay with us for life.

We NEVER take out a reindeer to more than one event per day. That way they are fresh and content. For every booking we take, there is always a reindeer at home to insure that should one be unwell there is a substitute to take its place.





Our service is professional, safe and reliable. The welfare of our reindeer is paramount.

The reindeer enjoy going out to the events as much as the staff. Add a sprinkle of children mixed with a couple of reindeer and you have the recipe for a magical Christmas event.

The work we take on is to only keep the reindeer in the comfort they are accustomed to at home and we do not ever make a profit!


School visits are becoming increasingly more popular. The schools are truly wonderful to visit with the reindeer. After all Christmas is really about the innocence and imagination of children and we try to not only nurture the magic of Father Christmas and his reindeer, but also add to the children’s imagination using the natural behaviour of the reindeer and a sprinkle of magic dust. We incorporate the educational side, such as the physical features, e.g. feet, antlers, fur, etc… alongside the magical elements that children of a certain age want to hear. However, we always respect the requests of the school as to how they would like us to portray the reindeer, although most enjoy both aspects of education and magic to be included.


Our Reindeer originate from Finland and run  free on 11 acres of paddocks all year round.

We encourage prospective customers to visit our reindeer in their natural surroundings and experience their high welfare.

Reindeer adapt extremely well to the climate here in the UK and are able to withstand the extreme temperatures of the Arctic Circle and our warm summers, in the spring they shed their antlers and moult their winter coats to reveal a soft thin summer coat.

We work in conjunction with specialist local veterinary practice ensure our reindeer remain in tip top health. 

All of the people we meet comment on how amazingly healthy our reindeer are.

Our Reindeer are protected under Animal Welfare and the Livestock Register.

We hold a performing animal licence that allows us to take the animals to events and have full public liability insurance for £5m.

If required we can also provide a sanitation hand wash station.

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