Donkey Assisted Therapy

  • 9th February 2021

Donkeys possess an innate emotional intelligence that can assist to develop the psychological social and emotional ability of humans. We allow our donkeys the liberty to exertion with our customer on a identical degree to develop an empathetic relationship ,which is mutually helpful for our customer and donkey.

We present specifically educated donkeys to go to schools, hospitals, hospices and care homes.
Our gentle, pleasant donkeys journey all over the Northwest of the UK, to work together with kids and grownups with disabilities & particular needs, those that are ailing and the elderly. Our donkeys are skilled to enter wards and bedrooms so even bedridden can meet.

One of the important goals of this programme can also be to help people recognised donkeys as clever being, with an enormous capability to show us about ourselves.
We encourage people to   stroke and feed them helping to raise spirits. Our Donkeys are regularly checked over by our vet, physio , registered with the local council,  dentist and visited by the farrier to ensure they are fit and healthy.  We impose a strict eight stone weight limit.

Care Home, Hospitals and Hospices

The care properties we go to repeatedly encourage residents to ask household and pals to the donkey days.  We can end the session by offering donkey rides outside to the children in a safe location (ideally garden).  If there may be restricted time or space, kids can merely sit on the donkeys in the house itself. We’re open to concepts and can do our greatest to accommodate particular person homes’ wants and wishes.

The donkeys are used to wheelchairs, small confined spaces  so will be able to access entire areas of the home. We offer buckets to catch the occasional ‘toilet issue’ and our donkeys are additionally glad to stroll on previous sheets to maintain carpets clean when required.

Another popular option is for the donkeys to be visited outside in an enclosed space, the option to lead and brush the donkeys can also be given. Outside we provide covering so that regardless of the weather we can continue with the sessions

Simply stroking animals is confirmed to possess a chilled impact on people. Our donkeys are educated to go inside care properties and might even go into particular persons bedrooms, in order that everybody can meet and get pleasure from them.


Each session is tailormade to every school’s needs. We can cater for lots of  pupils and tailor the sessions so long as required. The donkeys can be placed inside or out. Outside we provide covering so that regardless of the weather we can continue with the sessions. Donkey-assisted therapy is an incredibly sensory experience, engaging vision, hearing, touch and smell.

Sessions are relaxed and fun.

Areas we are able to support

People with Studying Disabilities (from gentle to severe), together with ASD
Those with seizure, developmental and anxiousness disorders
People with difficult behaviour
Children and grownups with visible and listening to impairments
People with Psychological Well being Issues
Those with bodily disabilities together with A number of Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, Mind Accidents & Cerebral Palsy
People with low vanity and low confidence

Donkeys available in height – Miniature 36” under and standard 48” under